happy tootsies, grumpy me

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Well hello there!  It’s been a busy few days what with the kidlets being off school last week.  The weather was cold and snowy, but without a lot of new snow the sprogs were not enticed to go out and play as much as a mother would like.  We did a lot of other activities including a trip to the children’s science museum, swimming lessons every day, several play-dates, visiting and feeding a friend’s cat (while the owner is in Mexico), a sleep-over here, and a day at the spa for Heather and moi (hence the newly manicured toes above*).  Towards the end of the week the children seemed to think I was their personal cruise director and would take umbrage when asked to rely on their own ingenuity to come up with a way to keep themselves busy for an hour or two.  I might have got a tad short with them once or twice.  I think cabin fever is setting in and I’m getting grumpy.

Not helping the grumpy overtones caused by weather and demanding children would be the battle I found myself in with this pair of socks.  Short on time and concentration I found myself ripping out rows and rows, over and over again.  I would tell myself “it’s not the finished object that’s important, it’s the joy of knitting!”  Yah, I would actually tell myself that.  I would have thrown these socks in the bin out of sheer frustration had I not been taking part in Kelly’s KAL.  And of course, in taking part and becoming totally obsessed with finishing them (correctly) I am now the proud and rather dis-enchanted owner of a hand-made pair of socks.

Lest you take me too seriously, I have not been put off knitting socks, or taking part in a KAL.  I have another plain pair on the needles which are going just fine.  Socks themselves are easy enough to knit, but for me, all those diamonds were torture.  I feel terrible for admitting that, but it’s true, in my case diamonds were not a girl’s best friend.

Extensive lamentations on Ravelry.

* The point of the photo with newly manicured tootsies was not to show you my rather short, stubby and shockingly white toes but to mark the momentous occasion of reaching the end of the diamonds.  It was a triumphant moment when I knew it was all behind me.

Next up I’m going back to my happy knitting place and will be knitting a shawl for a friend’s 40th birthday.  I’m excitedly checking with the Post Office daily for my package of woolly yarn to arrive.  Yup, feeling better already.

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  1. Sorry you had troubles with the patterning but you got there in the end🙂 Pretty frickin good for your second pair of socks EVER!!So pretty!!

  2. Anna

     /  February 26, 2013

    Well the socks look lovely – but you have only added to my sock knitting prejudice!! I’m sure they are toasty to wear. xx

  3. you know, if those socks take a little hiatus in the drawer, I bet they come out being much more loved….they really are quite lovely!! (love the cruise director reference—how true!)

  4. Julie

     /  February 27, 2013

    What a gorgeous colour those socks are – I am too daunted to even try knitting socks, or anything on circular needles for that matter- so well done you.


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